The Weathertech Story

WeatherTech’s CEO, David MacNeil started the company out of his Clarendon Hills home in 1989 after returning from England with an agreement to import car mats, eventually bringing production in-house and moving operations to Bolingbrook, Illinois in 2009.

The hands-on and passionate entrepreneur he is, David MacNeil has built a business with more than 1,100 employees and over $800 million in annual sales — a fascinating American manufacturing success story that continues to grow With a global foot print of over 450 distributors outside the US, WeatherTech has been expanding its business rapidly in International markets – a testimony to its conscious efforts at building brand consistency, brand identity and a clear product differentiation strategy.

Today, WeatherTech makes everything from floor mats to boxes to lattes served at its factory showroom, the centerpiece of a 10-building campus comprising gleaming production facilities and a hodgepodge of acquired sites spread out over a mile of highway frontage along Interstate 55.

David Macneil has for long been a stickler for quality. To ensure high quality in every product that rolls out of his factory, David has created a fully integrated production facility at WeatherTech with an In-House product development center and follows stringent engineering standards.

WeatherTech is also popular for the commercial they have been running in the Super Bowl for the fifth year in a row, hitherto a preserve of big game advertisers, in a high-octane contest for post-game ad-rankings at the prestigious sporting event. It is not a coincidence that the ad’s theme for the fifth 2018 Super Bowl was about construction of WeatherTech’s new plant adjacent to their existing facility.

For WeatherTech manufacturing is life and customer satisfaction is top priority.