Soaker - Reusable Non-Streaking Drying Towel

Soaker - Reusable Non-Streaking Drying Towel


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The Soaker is a reusable drying chamois towel that effectively dries your vehicle without leaving streaks or lint behind. The towel’s smooth and textured surfaces work together to soak up water quickly and efficiently.

Part Number: 8ASOAKER2

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The WeatherTech Soaker is a reusable drying chamois that quickly dries your vehicle without leaving any streaks or lint behind. The Soaker’s 17" x 27" size helps cover more surface area for drying. One side of the Soaker features a smooth surface and the other textured for those that are working with different drying surfaces and techniques. The towel is great for use in the garage, around the house or even after a pet's bath. The Soaker comes with a high impact, premium polycarbonate storage box to help preserve and protect when not in use. Machine washable for long-lasting use.

Soaker Features:

Soaks up water to quickly dry your vehicle without streaking.
Smooth surface on one side and textured on the other for different drying style needs.
Soaks up water faster, and holds up to 50% more than a regular towel or chamois.
Synthetic material is superior to chamois or terrycloth.
Great for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes, animals, household items and more.
Does not leave lint behind.
Chemical resistant.
Machine washable.
17" x 27" size.
Hinged Storage Box and printed materials Made in USA.
Tooling for the Storage Box was designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.
Towel imported.


Prior to using the Soaker, the product must be rinsed in warm water or in a washing machine using liquid detergent. 
Do not use fabric softener, bleach or dry in a dryer.
Immediately remove the Soaker when it's damp and proceed with using the product or place it back into its container.
Do not allow the Soaker to air dry.  If the product is allowed to completely dry, allow it to soak in warm water until it has regained its soft texture.  Make sure to not open the Soaker until it has been rehydrated.
When finished using the Soaker, rinse well with warm water, wring out (make sure it’s still damp), then store it in the Soaker box container.

Helpful Tip: Routinely washing the Soaker will help keep it in prime condition and prevent odors.

How do I clean my Soaker?
The soaker is best rinsed in warm water or in a washing machine using a mild liquid detergent.

How should I store The Soaker?
When you are finished using the Soaker, rinse well with warm water and wring out. Then store the damp Soaker in the supplied container.

Can the Soaker be used on glass or mirrors to clean them?
The Soaker can be used to dry windows and is chemical resistant, however we recommend using our Super White Microfiber cleaning cloth product for cleaning windows.

How do I store it?
The Soaker should be stored damp in the hinged storage box that we provide (made in the USA). When stored properly, the Soaker is reusable time and time again.

What should I do to maintain the lifetime of the Soaker?
The Soaker should be rinsed with warm water and then wrung out before storing it in the hinged storage box in a damp state. Make sure to rehydrate the Soaker before use. Tip: Routinely washing the Soaker in the washing machine with liquid detergent will help maintain the condition and help prevent odors.

Will it grow mold or mildew if left wet in the container?
The hinged storage box provides an air tight seal so that no mold or mildew can form on the Soaker.

If the outer layer peels, is that covered under warranty?
Unless the product was exposed to bleach, fabric softener, placed in the dryer, or misused in any way, defects in the material are covered under warranty.

Is the Soaker offered in other colors?
The Soaker is only offered in blue.

What are other uses for the Soaker?
The Soaker can be used to dry virtually all surface areas, including but not limited to pets.

Can I wash it?
The Soaker can be machine washed with a mild liquid detergent only. Do not place the Soaker in the dryer afterwards. Rinse with warm water, wring it out, then place in the storage box while still damp.

Can the Soaker be used to dry the FloorLiners or Floor Mats after cleaning them or if there is liquid build up on them?
The Soaker can be used in this situation. Please, remember to clean the soaker after use for spills involving any liquid other than water.

Approximately how much water can it hold?
The Soaker can hold up to 50% more than normal towels or chamois.

Is there anything on which I should not use the Soaker?
Do not use the Soaker on abrasive surfaces which could harm the material or put it in the dryer. Remember to not use the Soaker with harsh chemicals such as bleach, gasoline, or non-liquid detergent.